Monday, 29 June 2009

Joan Lennon: Wag and the King

Back in March, in the days when the sun shone in the SBT garden, Joan Lennon came to launch her book Wag and The King. Here's what she thought about the event...

You could not have asked for a more beautiful spring day than Wednesday 18 March at the Scottish Book Trust – the kids got a good run in the garden before and after the event, and they looked like a great happy busyness of brightly coloured ferrets! Amelia (my suitcase full of props) and I were excited too, but didn’t run around so much. Once inside, I told them about having probably the best job in the world, about the old dog who gave me the idea for Wag and the King, and the painting that made me want to write The Ferret Princess (ah, so that’s why she said the kids looked like ferrets!) – and there was even a sneak preview of the cover art for A Mucker’s Tale (the third book in the Tales from the Keep series, due out at the end of the summer). I really enjoyed myself, so many thanks to Flora Stevenson Primary, Craigentinney Primary and Burdiehouse Primary for making it such a fun day!

Other news:

Steve Cole's latest book in the Astrosaurs Academy series, Deadly Drama!, is dedicated to our very own Chris Newton and Jasmine Fassl. They took Steve on a tour of Orkney and Shetland in April. Check out Chris's brilliant interview with Steve and hear them discuss writing, touring and Doctor Who! Listen now.

Patrick Ness has released a brand new, exclusive, FREE short story from the world of Chaos Walking written for his Writer In Residency at Booktrust. It might, just possibly contain hints of things to come in book three...

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