Monday, 12 January 2009

Christmas holidays – otherwise known as On The Road

Before we put the comfortable memory of Christmas behind us for another year, please indulge us as Scottish Book Trust's General Manager Jeanette Harris gives us a peek at her rather adventurous few weeks:

With great sadness (ahem) we locked the doors of Scottish Book Trust on 23rd December for the long-awaited Christmas holiday break. Of course it was practically impossible to drag the SBT team from their desks, but the enticement of lunch and a glass of Irn Bru did the trick.

But my Christmas road race had started before then. I could give Jack Kerouac a run for his money with stories of being on the road. Have a look at this...

22 December – To Perth return 90 miles. Collecting Dad and dinner with family, including nephews (age 2 and 4) who entertained with Christmas carols learned at nursery, dressed as shepherds.

24 December - To Perth return 90 miles. Because we forgot to bring some of the Christmas parcels on 22 December.

25 December – Santa delivered! To Bo’ness return 50 miles. Christmas dinner with family, lasting 6 hours, with long recovery breaks between courses. Entertained by nephews, singing the rude versions of Christmas carols learned at nursery, dressed as Spidermen.

28 and 29 December – To Peterhead return 330 miles. Delivering Dad back home to be met at the front door by the debris of an Amarylis plant which had fallen off its shelf.

30 December – To Fife return 44 miles. Beautiful walk up Benarty Hill to blow away cobwebs.

31 December – To St. Abbs Head return 102 miles. Walking the dog Gill. Hat blew off and probably now in Norway.

1 January – To Kirknewton return 25 miles. Dinner at friend’s with her children – my how they’ve grown – aged 23, 27 and 30!

2 January – To Portobello then to the Grange (Edinburgh) 10 miles - 2 parties in one day – live music at both, Scottish variety of course!

4 January – To the Falkirk Wheel 56 miles return - walking on the Antonine Wall (named for Antoninus Pious, left) – Christmas history lesson.

5 January – Back to work... But it doesn’t stop there! To Glasgow at midnight 94 miles return. Collecting daughter and partner who missed their earlier flight from Heathrow! Back from Australia via Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia and the orangutans in the Sumatra jungle.

891 miles in total – trust the General Manager to do calculations during her holidays!

I even had time to read a bit:
The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga (Man Booker prizewinner 2008), for my book group.

Oor Wullie (pictured top), published by DC Thomson, because it’s a tradition.


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